Thursday, October 14, 2010

Final Week

     Well, this is it! I have finished my last week. These past 8 weeks have taught me so much. I feel much more confident in myself. Thanks to my class, I have learned many great new strategies that I know will help me in the rest of my classes. It has prepared me to use many new programs that were unfamiliar to me. Because of all the resources that were given to me during this course, I am now more comfortable in using Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. I can't wait to continue my education now. I'm not as nervous, because I know I by applying all that I have learned, I will succeed. So, thanks to my professor, Dr. Nichols, for supplying me with the tools I will need to go through school. I enjoyed reading the articles and have learned numerous things I was unaware of. So now, it's time to begin my next classes. I know I can do it!!

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