Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Halfway Through

     Well, I am halfway through my first 2 classes. I didn't think I would make it this far. I took my first midterm this week. I was so nervous but I did really well on it, so I was happy. We had some problems over the weekend with logging into our classes. But they were back up and running on Sunday. That did put some extra stress on me because Saturdays are my free day and I use them to try and finish up what I didn't get done during the week.
      I really feel that by using some of the habits that we have learned about have helped me so much. I had my list with all my assignments written down. This is so helpful to me. Plus it gives me satisfaction every time I mark an item off. It definitely keeps me motivated.
     This week we learned about setting goals. I found this really interesting. By using the 7 Characteristics of Goals, I have been able to set goals that suit me. For example, a goal I have for this class is: I will make an A in this course. I feel this goal uses all the characteristics and I know I can achieve it. I know this will help me throughout my college courses.
     We also learned about the 5-step approach to creating effective goals. I like the approach because for every obstacle I give, I have a counteractive approach to reaching my goal. This helps me to see that I can achieve my goal.

     We went over time management and touched up on how to prevent procrastination. We had an assignment to complete a time management inventory. This broke down what I did in one day. It was very interesting to see where I spent my time. I found this to be helpful so that I can make sure that I am getting in the time I need for my schoolwork. I prevent procrastination by completing my list of everything I need to get done and try to get started early in the week. It might not always happen because things do come up, but overall I feel good about accomplishing what I need to get done. Here is a sample of my time management.
     Now I have 4 weeks finished and 4 more to go. I'm feeling pretty good about my work. I could not have been as successful in my classes without all that I have learned so far. I know these will valuable tools not online in my online learning but in life as well.

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