Monday, September 6, 2010

Week 2 Learning

     Well, I have finished my 2nd week of classes and I am feeling more relaxed in my classes. I have learned some very interesting things this week. I realized this week how important the strategies we learned the first week are. My time this week was stretched to the limit. Between working extra hours to having to take my son out of town to the doctor, I realized that I must plan my time better than I did this week.
      This week I was introduced to Microsoft Word. I must admit that I have never used this program before, but after watching the tutorials and reading instructions on how to use it, I feel much better about using Microsoft Word. I completed my first assignment using this program. There are many things I need to learn to use this program. I hope with time I will be completely comfortable using it.
     I know that I will have to write papers while I am in college, but I was not aware that there are different writing styles, APA and MLA style. So, I am very nervous and excited about learning these 2 styles. It has been many years since I have written a paper, so reading about the writing process has refreshed my memory on the steps you need to take. I think the 2 steps that will be important for me will be making the outline and researching. The outline will be important because it is where it all begins. It helps you to structure the whole paper. Researching is where I will get all the information I need to fill in my outline to make my final report. By following the steps I have learned this week, I feel confident that I can write a correct paper.

     We also followed up on plagiarism this week. I learned that there are 4 different kinds of plagiarism: direct, self, mosaic, and accidental. There are ways that I can avoid plagiarism all together. I plan to take good notes and make sure I know where I get specific information from. Also, by not procrastinating and getting an early start will help. Another is to make sure I cite everything correctly. So whether or not plagiarism is intentional or unintentional, there are ways to help avoid plagiarizing anything.
     So now I am starting a new week of learning and am excited to see what I will learn this week.

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