Monday, September 13, 2010

Week 3 Learning

     So, I have 3 weeks of school finished and I'm finally started to get in a routine. It has been difficult at times trying to work everything in but, so far, I've managed. My kids are finally understanding that when I go to do my schoolwork, they cannot disturb me. They like to ask me what I'm doing and letting me show them what's going on that week. It makes me feel good that they care to ask because they are why I'm doing this.
     It has been 15 years since I was in school so this week has been very beneficial to me. I read about different ways to take notes. Once again, I did not realize there were so many ways that I could take notes. The 5 methods are Cornell, Outline, Mapping, Charting, and Sentence. We focused more on the Cornell Method which focuses on the 5 R's. These are record, reduce, recite, reflect, and review. With this method you record as many facts and ideas as you can on the right side and on the left you will make cue words or questions for each fact/idea. I think by using this method I will improve my note taking skills.Here is an outline that I completed.
     We also learned this week about a reading/studying system called S-RUN-R. Once again I was clueless on this method. But after reading and doing an assignment on it, I was feeling a little more confident about using this system. S-RUN-R stands for survey, read, underline, note taking, and review. By paging through the chapter before reading it will help you have an idea of what is going to be discussed in the chapter. By reading each section at a time, it breaks it down in smaller chunks. So you can underline and take notes of each section. Then you can review your notes. By following these steps you will be using alot of repetition which will help you retain the information. I know this system will become a valuable tool for me.
     We also touched on homework strategies. I have implemented these strategies into my learning. I have set a desk up in my bedroom which allows me to go somewhere quiet to do my schoolwork. I also concentrate on one thing at a time. After working for awhile, I will take breaks so that I that I can come back refreshed. This help to refocus my concentration fully back on my work.
     Overall this week, I have touched up on some skills and learned lots of new skills. I know these methods are going to help me succeed in my online learning. I am looking forward to another week of learning!

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